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The album 11/11 is now available at our live shows! It comes with the live recording including all of the songs here, only its all in one giant 30 min. track that includes the talking between songs. It also comes with a double sided screen printed lyrics insert. Along with the cd, extremely limited prints of Eric's (drummer/lead vocalist) original drawings are also for sale. Patches, tapes, and hopefully some records are not too far off. Huge thanks to everyone's help so far!


released November 11, 2011



all rights reserved


SONGS Providence, Rhode Island

SONGS (born in the winter of 2009) is a drum and bass duo based out of Providence, Rhode Island with Justin Enis on bass and Eric Ayers on drums and lead vocals. Drawing inspiration from their musical roots along with their passion for the local music scene, SONGS has managed to create a new direction in sound; an experience you not only hear, but feel. SONGS is SONGS. ... more

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Track Name: Subtracting Free
I'm the only one
And everybody else
Somehow I'm able
To separate my self
A lie
Will call itself the truth
The lies that feed me
Perpetuate my hell
I'm the only one
And everybody else
Somehow I'm able
To separate my self
A lie
Will call Itself the truth
The lies they feed me
Perpetuate our hell
Days unfold in my head
We're just stones
Sinking lead
Searching for
The space between
All the thoughts that are not me
Days unfold in my hand
Walking in a life I dread
When time lay dead at your feet
Discard your body
watch it bleed
Track Name: The Leaving
Stagnant days end my
Perpetual cries
When open space meets virtue
I've become suicidal
Stuck in a rut
Physical hell
If I could escape I'de do anything
I'de service the truth
It's all too paralleled
All to pure
All too fake it feels like it's real
I dont care no more
So follow me friend
I wont stear us wrong
Whatever the smoke should tell to me
I promise you I will carry it on
Track Name: The Weights Origin
When stuck in defeat
And a life to regret
All so poor
My head is like fall leaves
Just tring to forget the coming winter is cold
To stretch out the light
And feel the weight of our soul
And carry it on
Inward still and silent
All on your own
Blackness your soft true and deep
Shining through people's eyes
Staring back at me
When hate filled my mind
Found out what's here and now
Surrender a lie
Track Name: Tracing Circles
You said you've never been so sure
I guess that I could say the same thing
My thoughts were not evermy own
I bet that all of us could say the same thing
The line that's drawn itself between
Imagine all of the different things
But now we move to trace that line
We find that line
Is drawn inside itself
We met
Then spoke
Speaking with
Head out
So stuck in my head
Hiding my
Through a dark field
By moon light
Lie down
On leaves of red
Feel the earths ground
Come through me
And I breath it